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A MAZE. Berlin 2021 Einreichfrist

30. April 2021 @ 8:00 17:00

Since 2012 A MAZE. awards The Most Amazing Game. The winner is selected by an interdisciplinary, international and 100% independent jury. We extended and changed awards in the many years since, our categories are now: “Most Amazing Award”, “Human Human Machine Award”, “Long Feature Award”, “Digital Moment Award”, “Explorer Award” and “Audience Award”.

Artists can register or use a previously used account to submit their work (automatically for all award categories, early bird submission-fee €35 (50€ general) per Entry) between March 19, 2020 and April 30, 2020. Supporter tickets are also an option – Pay more to provide a submission-fee for others. Think you need one supporter ticket? Write us your reasoning.

A MAZE./ is looking for works pushing the medium – fully finished works, demos, experiments or prototypes are welcomed! Each nominee will receive a spot in our in the A MAZE. / SPACE – our 3D Online Multiplayer Culture Experience.. No travel, no building up booths – We only need some visuals. Your work should be presentable either as a publicly available demo or gameplay video. Check the Conditions of Participation. Submitting a work will allow for a 25% discount at the festival tickets.

Members of the Selection Committee can register or reactivate a previously used account to test Submitted Works between March 19 and Mai 31, 2020. To reactivate an account, simply log in, edit your Profile and select “2021” in the drop-down in your Jury Profile. Reviewing 5 or more games will allow members of the Selection Committee to get a 25% discount at the festival tickets. Artists can also register, but can’t vote on their own games or games by people they know.